Leadership And Training Meetings 2019/20

2019/20 Events, Training and Leadership

Training and Leadership meetings are on the 

4th Monday at 7pm pm every month

  • September – Training Group Facilitators and Guidelines – held at Hillside Church

  • October Leadership meeting – Held at Isola Residence – email for address

  • November Training Sponsorship

  • December Christmas Party

  • January Training mental health – Pain Medication and CR – suicide prevention

  • February Leadership Meeting

  • March Training 

  • April Training on Leading a small group

  • April Butter and Eggs Day Parade

  • May Leadership Meeting

  • June Saturday morning and afternoon Hiking or biking – TBD

  • July Leadership Meeting

  • August – two events see below

  • CR Summit at Saddleback Church August 

  • Summit Debrief 4th Monday of August