Jul 09

Hi! I’m John, I’m a believer who struggles with alcoholism

freedom from alcoholismNotice I introduced myself as a believer who struggles with alcoholism.  You see, my identity is in my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ –  The One and Only true Higher Power. I’m not going to allow my sin-addiction to alcohol identify me.

I was raised in a Christian home in the small, midwestern town of Collinsville, Illinois, population of 10,000. I had a normal childhood, whatever that is. My parents were members of a small Baptist church, and I asked Christ into my heart at age 13.

In High School I was the Class President, I lettered in basketball, baseball and track. I felt compelled into ministry at age 16 so I applied to several Christian Universities. Up to this point, everything sounds fine. In fact, it almost sounds boring.

But you see, there was this problem. I had to be the best in everything I did.

Because deep down inside I never felt good enough for my parents, my teammates, my girlfriends or anyone. So if I wasn’t good enough for them, how could I ever be good enough to serve God? I must have missed the Sunday sermons on Jesus’ unconditional love and freely given grace. I was a walking and talking paradox: A combination of the lowest possible self-esteem, which I tried to cover up with the worlds largest ego…

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